Christmas in July with Noel Shuffle

What better way to celebrate July than to bake gingerbread men and decorate the family Christmas tree? That’s right folks, it’s Christmas in July! The Noel Shuffle family takes this opportunity to spread joy throughout the year; join us with these “cool” summer ideas. Christmasinjuly Cool off in the hot summer heat with a July snowball fight! White and blue balloons make great replacements for their icey counterparts. For added effect, add blue and white glitter to the water to mark your enemies. Once it’s time to relax and cool off in the shade, what better way to rehydrate than with Christmas watermelon slices. These treats are easy to make with cookie cutters; try a variety of other Christmastime shapes for more holiday fun. If you have access to sand, try building a snowman out of sand. Use shells instead of buttons and carrots to bring your snowman to life. Of course, if you live far from the beach, playdough or molding clay make good alternatives. Christmas in July would not be complete without the Christmas music; however, opting for more tropical and warm sounds may be more appropriate. The Beach Boys or Hawaiian and Reggae Christmas music make perfect alternatives that keep the theme of Christmas consistent without compromising the atmosphere of hot summer fun. Noel Shuffle is the perfect family tradition - even in July. Play the game with friends and family so that memories can be made year-round.

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