Favorite Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas TraditionNoel Shuffle is no stranger to family Christmas traditions. Afterall, Noel Shuffle has inspired families across the world to start traditions of their own. Christmas is a magical time of year where a family finds new ways to create memories with their loved ones. In this blog we will explore some of our favorite ways families are keeping Christmas traditions alive.

Food Bank Donations

Some of the best family Christmas traditions are the traditions that keep giving. Food banks donations are always needed and that is especially true around Christmas time. By donating non-perishable food items to your local food bank, you make the lives of other warmer and you teach your young ones the importance of community service.

Cookies and Milk

Santa has a very long night ahead of him on Christmas eve. He gathers millions of presents, loads them onto his sleigh, and visits the homes of each child. Why not give Santa a break by cooking delicious cookies served with a side of milk. Families can add their own twist to this classic by creating custom cookie shapes and toppings. Who will create the tastiest treat in your home?

Free-for-all Dinner

Every kid in the world wants to have candy for dinner, right? Give each child 5 dollars to spend at the grocery store and watch the chaos ensue. Whatever item is bought is cooked up and served for dinner. Make dreams come true - but be warned - a candy dinner is not kind to the tummy!

Christmas Movie Marathon

The number of Christmas-themed movies seems endless - why not capitalize on this by hosting a family Christmas movie marathon? Each year, have family members list movies they would like to see and add them to a draw to pull from. Of course, our favorite family Christmas tradition is Noel Shuffle. To learn more about our creative game of cat and mouse, check out our page.

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