Fun White Elephant Gifts

Not all Christmas gifts have to be serious. A white elephant is a gift given that, by and large, holds no purpose. Gag gifts and other strange nicknacks fall into this category. In this blog, we'll explore some of our favorite white elephant gifts perfect for this holiday. white elephant

Bacon Toothpaste

Combine the mundane task of brushing your teeth with all the fun of greasy bacon! This perfect white elephant gift will leave the recipient (victim) troubled as to whether or not they should look forward to brushing their teeth. Many have said that bacon toothpaste, contrary to what you might believe, is quite tasty and addictive. For seven dollars, you can't go wrong.

An Extendable Spoon

You'll be the life of any party or dinner table with this excellent, extendable spoon. As the name suggests, this quirky device allows you to reach new heights (and soup bowls) from across the table. Not for the faint of heart, only the most well-balanced person could use this white elephant gift effectively. Buy it now from Amazon!

Underwear Gloves

Baby it's cold outside. That's right, premium underwear gloves will keep any fashionista warm this cold holiday season. If you feel so inclined - you can check them out here.

Ranch Floss

I mean - this is really the perfect complimentary gift to bacon toothpaste. Do you have any friends or family members that stubbornly push away the daily task of flossing? Not anymore! With this ranch floss, they're teeth will be cleaner than ever. Be warned: when paired with bacon toothpaste, user may experience terrible, terrible breath. See the item here.

Emergency Horse

Is Steve from accounting is donkey-ing around? Get him the perfect gift of the "Emergency Horse." This item will play, at a press of a button, the familiar sounds of horses. A neigh, whinny, snort or gallop is just a quick button press away. Check out this gift here.

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