Order Noel Shuffle in Time For Christmas

Hello everyone and (almost) Merry Christmas! With Christmas less than a month away - Noel Shuffle is gearing up for another busy holiday season of holiday antics and fun! We want to remind everyone that it's important to order early so that your family can enjoy the fun of Noel Shuffle with the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Years. Buy the Noel Shuffle set here.shutterstock_331641563

What is Noel Shuffle?

In 2013, Jane felt compelled to share their family’s holiday challenge by writing a children’s book that brings the gingerbread characters to life and teaches wholesome family values along the way. After investing countless hours, Jane’s prayers were answered and her hard work paid off. Jane was given the opportunity to manufacture the gingerbread people into plush characters and publish her children’s story book. Illustrator, Scott Oatman took Jane’s vision and sketched it onto the pages just as crafty as the projects Jane had once designed with her mother. This whimsical package set, containing 4 plush gingerbread people and book entitled NOEL SHUFFLE made it’s debut at the 2016 New York Toy Fair. Jane is so excited to finally share her book and holiday challenge with the world.

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