Our Favorite Christmas Decor

It's almost that time of year folks! Halloween is over and we will soon be full-force ahead into December (better known as CHRSTIMAS MONTH)! In this blog, we'll explore some of our favorite Christmas decor. christmas decor The Christmas Tree It seems common sense doesn't it? That's because it is! The Christmas tree is paramount to any home celebrating Christmas. What some may not know is that the Christmas tree is as much decor as it is tradition. Dressing your Christmas tree in brilliant ribbons of white or in a mosaic of family-made Christmas heirlooms can help create a worth center piece in your Christmas home. Christmas Wreath The Christmas wreath becomes your home's new welcoming mat for the holiday season. This piece is just as versatile as the Christmas tree. You can be as traditional or eccentric as you like. We like to add pine cones and twigs from our own yard to ours. Christmas Lights There's something magical about Christmas lights. They illuminate both the outside of our house and the inside with their emitting warmth - always to remind us the warm feeling of Christmas. Much like our other suggestions, what makes Christmas lights great is their versatility and high impact. Use these lights to create a little more magic and ambiance this holiday season. Noel Shuffle might not be considered "decor" - but our game quickly becomes an asset to any living room furniture set. Read more here about how Noel Shuffle is transforming homes by combining decor and tradition into one, family-friendly game.

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