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Noel Shuffle is a Christmas book and game that connects family and friends throughout the holiday season.
The Noel Shuffle is one of our family's most favorite Christmas traditions. We play boys against girls, and the challenge of shuffling the letters without the other team seeing brings so much joy, laughter (and scheming) to our home during Christmas. We love it so much that we have passed the tradition down by giving a set to each of our children as they have gotten married. The memories of "almost getting caught" are priceless and ones that I think my family will hold dear to their hearts for a lifetime. - Jennifer F.
I love the illustrations and the story - what a timely tale of family, respect, and the pitfalls of prideful boasting. Stories, like Noel Shuffle, that focus on the importance of community and appreciation of others, support the very values many hope to honor during the holidays. Thank you for creating this great addition to our family traditions. - Dawn H. EdD
My family loves the Noel Shuffle game!! When we were given this game, I thought.. "What a great idea"... but little did I know just how much fun it would bring our family! My 3 girls look forward to unpacking the gingerbread men each Christmas and deciding who will be on which team! You might say that a couple of people in our family are a "little competitive", therefore, it has not been unusual for someone to set their alarm in order to go switch the blocks in the wee hours of the morning! ? We have laughed together so much over this game and I am so excited that the Noel Shuffle is now a new tradition in our family, and will be for years to come! - Tricia S.
Our whole family was actively involved on a day-to-day basis with the game. We have children ages nine through 16 who all, every day, were in festive competition. We had to be sneaky and creative in going about changing the letters to our team name. We split the family into two teams and every year it has added a lot of fun to our Christmas season. - Matt T.
The Noel shuffle is one of our newest family traditions! It's great for any family no matter what ages your kids are! - Mike and Julie A.
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