What is Noel Shuffle?

NOEL SHUFFLE, it’s a BOOK, it’s a GAME, it’s FAMILY FUN!

Noel Shuffle is a children’s book and holiday challenge game which brings families together during the Christmas season.

The whimsical Noel Shuffle gift set includes a children’s book and four plush gingerbread characters. The Noel Shuffle plush characters are used in a family fun holiday game. Game play runs throughout the holiday season and can be enjoyed by the entire family.



Follow Noel and her brother Leon on their journey through Jolly Town in the beautifully illustrated Noel Shuffle children’s book. Noel is boastful about her Christmas name and her brother Leon's jealousy leads to antics throughout the town. Their parents hear about the problem and the two siblings learn valuable life lessons as they work together to solve the problem they both created.


The game is based on the story book's play on words NOEL and LEON. You begin the game by setting up the four plush characters to spell out the word N O E L. Then divide your family into two teams: NOEL team v.s. LEON team and begin "shuffling" these characters to spell your team's name without getting caught by the opposing team. You can only shuffle the gingerbread plush around when no one is looking.

Noel and Leon

These lovable 6 ft Gingerbread characters, Noel and Leon love to be out and about meeting new friends and are ready to add joy and excitement to the holiday season. Look for for them in the retail shops that carry the Noel Shuffle.The Christmas season naturally brings people together. The Noel Shuffle Book and Game were created to encourage family togetherness.

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